Points on Your License

The New York State DMV uses its point system to single out potentially dangerous motorists, particularly those who have committed more than just a few traffic violations in a short period of time. While even the most cautious drivers often end up receiving NY traffic tickets on one or two occasions, a record of several traffic violations on your license in the prior 18 months can get the DMV to take notice and impose penalties and/or restrictions on your driving privileges.

The accumulation of a certain number of points on your driver’s license can lead to a suspension or revocation of your driving rights, as well as cause your auto insurance rates to soar.

The basics of the NY State DMV point system

The chart below shows the number of points that some of the most common violations carry with them:

  •  NY Speeding Tickets (more than 40 MPH over speed limit): 11 points
  •  NY Speeding Tickets (31-40 MPH over speed limit): 8 points
  •  NY Speeding Tickets (21-30 MPH over speed limit): 6 points
  •  NY Speeding Tickets (11-20 MPH over speed limit): 4 points
  •  NY Speeding Tickets (1-10 MPH over speed limit): 3 points
  •  Reckless driving: 5 points + it is a misdemeanor offense.
  •  Failure to stop for school bus: 5 points
  •  Following too closely / tailgating: 4 points
  •  Inadequate brakes: 4 points
  •  Violation of a Railroad-crossing: 3 points
  •  Failure to yield the right of way: 3 points
  •  Failure to obey a traffic signal or stop/yield sign: 3 points
  •  Improper passing or unsafe lane change: 3 points
  •  Leaving an accident scene involving property damage or injury to a domestic animal: 3 points
  •  Seat Belt / Safety restraint violation (person under 16 years old): 3 points
  •  Cell phone violation: 3 points
  •  Disobeying a traffic control device: 2 points
  •  Failing to comply with a lawful order: 2 points

Avoiding points

Remember that these points only appear on your record once you have been convicted for a violation. Paying a traffic ticket does just that! That’s because when you simply pay your traffic ticket, it is the equivalent of pleading guilty to the violation that you have been charged with.  And while points are removed from your record after 18 months’ time, the conviction stays on your record permanently.

However, fighting your New York traffic ticket can help you avoid the accumulation of points on your record, as well as any resulting fines, increases in insurance premiums, and any license suspensions or revocations. TLC Driver Services and its associated traffic ticket defense lawyers have been defending motorists against all kinds of traffic tickets in and around the NYC metropolitan area.

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